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Lee-Capelle is delighted to be working on a series of educational initiatives with Angelsoft, a long standing and well respected software house that develops on-line and CD-ROM materials across the primary curriculum.


TimeMaps are animated history atlases for the PC. The maps change dynamically over time, illustrating history as it happened.

TimeMaps - History software for education.

Durham University Business School (DUBS) is one of the premier business schools in the country, and indeed has an excellent reputation world wide. As part of its wide range of activities the Foundation for SME Development works with schools and teachers in the region to develop Enterprise in
Education programmes.

For more, look at www.fsmed.org

King's Cross EiC Action Zone is a partnership of 6 schools and a Community Learning Centre which are linked with the UK's first broadband laser network. High priority is given to learning opportunities provided through ICT/Multi-media.


Appian Way Software Ltd is an educational software house, active since 1988. It specialises in developing history packages. After several years contributing to Actis' superb stable of online curriculum services - particularly History Online, currently the most popular internet subscription service for UK history teachers, Appian Way is now poised to publish its own titles again. Appian Way's website is currently being re-developed.

gooii specialise in the creation of web, multimedia and print. Their services include the design and programming of websites and cd-roms as well as corporate identity and brochures.

For more information visit www.gooii.com

NESTA (The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) was established by Act of Parliament in 1998 to pioneer ways of supporting and promoting talent, innovation and creativity in science, technology and the arts. NESTA believes that each award or project is unique and they embrace and encourage this diversity.


Active History Ltd is a company set up to promote continuing professional development amongst history teachers. It is developing a website from which support materials can be downloaded, either free or for a fee.