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Durham University Business School asked us to develop a series of small programs to support their Enterprise in Education course, aimed at KS3 students. The programs had to slot easily into a class session: they had to be quick to get into, easy to use – with the minimum of fuss – and fairly swift to complete.

We developed five programs in all:

The GET test – a simple interactive quiz based on a questionnaire that DUBS had developed for children to see how enterprising they were.

Location, Location, Location – a decision-making exercise for children: they select the location for a café or restaurant they are to set up; then, based on its situation, they choose what sort of food it should serve, what prices it should charge, and so on.

Travel Agency – children decide which holidays should be advertised through the shops in a chain of travel agents; each shop is in a different kind of community and therefore offers different kinds of holidays.

Local Community – the children are the leaders of a local community, with each group taking a different type of community. They have to decide which services would most benefit the people in that community – a bus service to town? a library? an industrial estate?

Island Escape – a simulation specially designed for creative problem solving. Participants have crashed on a Pacific island and need to find their way back to civilization. They have to survive jungles, crocodile-infested rivers and harsh mountains, and find the quickest way off the island!